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New Publication!

Cecile Angermann, Björn Heinemann, Jule Hansen, Nadine Töpfer, Hans-Peter Braun, and Tatjana M. Hildebrandt published the paper "Proteome reorganization and amino acid metabolism during germination and seedling establishment in Lupinus albus".

This paper suggests that seed storage proteins mainly serve as a nitrogen resource for vigorous post-germinative growth and not as a primary substrate for energy metabolism during germination in Lupinus albus.



New group member @ AG Töpfer!

We welcome Martina Feierabend to our team. She will support our team with her expertise in constraint-based modelling of microbial systems.



AG Töpfer part of CRC 1644!

AG Töpfer is part of the newly funded "CRC 1644: Plant phenotypic plasticity".



Nadine joined the CDS-Team!

Nadine is now one of the core scientists at the UoC's Center for Data and Simulation Science and working on the "Scientific Domain 2: Computational Biology and Medicine".



New Publication!

Monique Branco-Vieira, Nídia S. Caetano, Alex Ranieri J. Lima & Nadine Töpfer published the paper "Towards Multiscale Modeling to Predict Diatom Metabolites Production for Biofuels and High-Value Compounds".

This paper proposes a multiscale model that predicts biomass production of diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum under varying light intensities, temperatures, and day lengths.



Nadine @ QMCS lecture series!

Nadine will give a lecture as a part of this semester’s lecture series "Die Welt im Computer" on November 22nd at the University of Cologne.



AG Töpfer part of iHead!

AG Töpfer will be part of the interdisciplinary research consortium "Immunometabolism in Health and Disease (iHead)" led by Alga Zuccaro.



New group member @ AG Töpfer!

We are delighted to welcome Maurice Cheung to our team. He will join us in November and support our team with his expertise in constraint-based modelling of plant metabolic systems.



Nadine @ JKI!

Nadine will give a talk at the "Quedlinburger Pflanzenzüchtungstage" and the "20th Kurt von Rümker-Lectures" at the Julius Kühn-Institute on October 4th 2023.



Stefano and Tiago will give a workshop!

Stefano and Tiago will give a workshop on constraint-based modelling at this year’s German Conference on Bioinformatics.



Nadine @ P&P 2023!

Nadine will give a keynote lecture at this year’s Plants and People Conference on September 6th and 7th at the MPIMP in Potsdam-Golm.



Nadine elected as RA4 Co-Coordinator!

Nadine has been elected as the Co-Coordinator of CEPLAS Research Area 4 Theoretical Plant Biology and Data Science. Together with Björn Usadel, she will organize activities within the research area.



Nadine @ GCB 2023!

Nadine will give a keynote lecture at this year’s German Conference on Bioinformatics from Sep 12 – 14th in Hamburg.



Congratulations, Tiago!

Congrats to Tiago Machado who is now associated to the CEPLAS graduate school.